Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each cruise is limited to 6 persons. No exceptions. Age does not matter. This is per US Coast Guard Rules.
  • Cruises are exclusive to you and your crew. I do not mix people on cruises.
  • A Swansboro marina (Dudleys or Caspers) will be specified prior to cruise, address will be sent via text message. This will be the departure and return location.
  • ¬†Cruises will depart dock at the specified time. Early arrival will help expedite that and provide time to load the boat, sunscreen, bathroom, etc.
  • There are NO restroom available on the boat. There are 2-3 locations that we can stop if needed, however, it will take time to get to those locations and will be included in cruise duration. A bucket is onboard. Privacy can be achieved if emergency.
  • We are dog friendly providing water bowl & water. Leash is required when on Bear Island.
  • Gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Shelling Cruises:

  • Shelling Cruise is Approx. 3-4hrs. long and includes 2-3 stops on and around Bear Island.
  • Children under 3 years, not recommended for this cruise.
  • Shell Bags and bottled water provided on shelling cruise. You're welcomed to bring coolers or whatever extra gear needed, plenty of space on the boat.

Scenic Cruises:

  • Scenic Cruise is Approx. 2 hrs. and covers over 20 miles of waterway around Swansboro and Emerald Isle.
  • You're welcomed to bring snacks, drinks, (adult beverages) if desired.


Marsh Cruises prioritizes safety. Our coastal weather is constantly changing. Will correspond prior to all cruise to make sure the weather is good prior to cruise. Some possible issues:

  • Heavy rain/lightning
  • High winds
  • Excessively cold temperatures
  • Fog

Weather resource mostly used. CLICK HERE

Check out the RESOURCES PAGE for additional information.

Don't hesitate to call for more info! (910) 330-8750