Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Each cruise is limited to 6 persons. No exceptions. Age does no matter. This is per US Coast Guard Rules.
  •  A Swansboro marina (Dudleys or Caspers) will be specified prior to cruise, address will be sent via text message. This will be the departure and return location.
  •  Cruises will depart dock at the specified time. Early arrival will help expedite that and provide time to load the boat, sunscreen, bathroom, etc.
  • There are NO restroom available on the boat. There are 2-3 locations that we can stop if needed, however, it will take time to get to those locations and will be included in cruise duration. A bucket is onboard. Privacy can be achieved. 
  • Shelling Cruise is Approx. 3-4hrs. long and includes 2-3 stops on and around Bear Island.
  • Shell Bags and bottled water provided on shelling cruise. You're welcomed to bring coolers or whatever extra gear needed, plenty of space on the boat.
  • Scenic Cruise is Approx. 2 hrs. and covers over 20 miles of waterway around Swansboro and Emerald Isle.
  • More info coming soon.